10 things that seem like a good idea when you’re drunk

1. Flirting with that random guy you saw in the dark.
And then you see him in the light and he doesn’t look as good as you thought “RUN!”

2. You take your shoes off.
Huh glass on the floor? What is that?

3. Pulling off sexy dance moves.
And iew iew iew who is this pervert who’s grinding against me?”

4. Being on stage.
Because everyone has to see your sexy dance moves?

5. dancing on the bar.
Or anything that is not the floor. Because you’d never get this much attention if you were sober.

6. A man who is at least 20 years older than you bought you drinks.
One moment he buys an expensive cocktail for you, the next moment he almost wants to marry you.

7. Kissing with men you do not know the name of.
You: “I just kissed that guy!” Your less drunk girlfriend: * glances in disgust * “it’s time to go!”

8. You often show your bra. Very often.
You’re just like Rihanna! And she simply lets her breasts free!!

9. Upload to Facebook.
“Helloo! I’m so drunk!”

10. immediately order food once you get home.
And fall asleep before the food delivery arrives.