10 Things Tall Girls Don’t Want To Hear

Let’s be honest, it’s irritating. Here are the ten things tall girls don’t want to hear.

1. Wow, you’re tall!
No shit, Sherlock!

2. How tall are you?
Sigh … I do not ask how short you are, do I?

3. Wow! My feet seem really small compared to yours
Thanks for the ego boost. Not.

4. Can you find pants in your size?
Apparently. Or are the pants I’m wearing transparent and am I walking around naked right now?

5. Can you grab this for me? *Points to something that is high in a closet*
Why do not you just a chair?

6. Ah may I have a few inches of your height? 
Sure, I’ll chop off a piece from my leg.

7. Do you also play basketball?
No, yoga.

8. I feel so small compared to your
Yup. You are so small compared to me.

9. Why do you wear high heels if you do not need at all?
No, I do not wear heels to be longer, but because I like it. Weird, huh?

10. Is it cold up there? 
Shut up