10 Things Introverted Girls Do Right

Going out or siting at home with fresh magazines and your favorite tea? Definitely the last one. No doubt about it.

1. Siting at home with fresh magazines and your favorite tea is not boring, it’s heaven.
Especially if the weather outside is sucky.

2. If you are travelling you just want to be alone, so you can listen to your music.

3. Going out or staying home and watching Netflix?
Definitely the last option.

4. That one night off between all your busy evenings.
Spending your free time on the couch..

5. Long one-to-one conversations with your best friend.
She is one of the few people that you share your feelings with, you’re not the type who shares everything with everyone.

6. Privacy.
You don’t mind if you got your own room at work.

7. Doing things alone.
Anything like making pancakes, watching a movie or shopping online are things you prefer doing alone.

8. You prefer to drink a glass of wine at home than going to the club.
So you can at least enjoy the full flavor.

9. Working from your home
Home alone, the best.

10. Your last-seen-state Whats App settings turned off
So you can decide when to talk back. Because sometimes you just don’t want to talk.