10 things Girls Do When They Have A Crush

We girls can sometimes do creepy stuff to find out if he likes us. Stuff like “coincidentally” being at the same place as where your crush is hanging out. Here are the ten things girls do when they have a crush.

1. You’re already planning your future with him
You will live in a big house with a swimming pool. And you have four children and two dogs.

2. You and your best friend have a code name for your crush
He must not know that you’re talking about him …

3. You’re Facebook / Insta-stalking him
Luckily he can’t see who is looking at his profile.

4. You know all the names of his entire family
Also, you know his favorite food and favorite band … While you only have met him once.

5. You’re doing those relationship test games to see if your crush likes you.
Well .. Ugh!

6. You remember every conversation you’ve had with your crush
You know exactly what he said and also how his voice sounded.

7. When you think that he likes another girl, you are stalking her on social media as well
Of course you’re checking if he has liked her photos.

8. You already have hundreds of conversations with him in your mind
You’re always prepared

9. You stare at your phone, waiting for his text message.
If you hear the sound of your phone, you suddenly get nervous. Would it be him?

10. If you crush smiles to you at school, that made your day
You’ll never forget that moment.