10 things every happy couple does

1. They still say ‘I love you’ to each other.
If the butterflies-in-your-belly-phase is over, it is easy to forget, but remember that you’re in love with him, so you can still say that you love him! Every morning, every night, every time whenever you want.

 2. They touch each other all the time.
And we’re not talking about unpleasant kissing sessions in the supermarket. Just holding hands or hugging is all fine. Intimacy is not always about sex, touching can be in a non-sexual way.

3. They make time to talk with each other.
Make the time to talk about how your day was and how your significant other feels. You really have no idea what to talk about with him? Then something is not quite right …

4. They give compliments to each other.
When you just started the relationship, he said, during every date how beautiful you looked and you told him that he had such beautiful eyes. Why not go on with this? If you like his laugh, or think that he is the funniest person on earth, say it! Compliments are never enough.

5. They focus on the positive things.
You tend to call him out on the bad things faster, but instead focus on the positive things that he does! If you can only call things about him that you do not like, it might be time for a change.

6. You let irritations behind you.
If you’re still annoyed that your boyfriend liked a photo of a random woman on Facebook two years ago, it might be time to let go of each other. By repeatedly bringing this up, you only push him further away.

7. They go to bed together.
Do you often go to bed while your friend is still playing with his Playstation? This way, you miss a lot of intimacy! Try to get a routine in which you go to bed together. A little talk and cuddle before bed is the finest feeling there is.

8. You workout together.
Does he spend a lot of time in the gym? Why not join him? A work-out is not only physically and mentally good for you, but can also do wonders for your relationship. Especially because it increases your blood flow down under, and gives your sex life a boost.

9. They do not sit on their phone 24/7.
All those precious time that you scroll through your timeline, or double-tap Instagram photo’s you can devote to him. Put your mobile phones away, so you can enjoy each other without distractions.

10. They also take time for themselves.
It should not depend on your partner whether you are happy or not. You also have to love yourself! If you feel strong and confident, you will also feel much happier in your relationship.