10 Things Every Girl Thinks Guys Want In Bed

Wearing sexy lingerie all the time time? No, it is just annoying to get it off. Here are the ten things every girls think guys want in bed but are not true.

1. Making very much noice when you reach your climax.
What he really thinks: sounds and words during sex are always good. However, one woman is silent and the other cries it out during the ‘big climax’. We don’t care what you do, just don’t do what you think we want you to do.

2. Talk with your child’s voice during a hot bed session.
What he really thinks: I Never. Want. To Hear. That. Any More. You are pretending like you are a baby while sharing the bed with you lover? Why would anyone want this?

3. Saying his name a hundred times.
What he really thinks: uh, a few times is enough. It is not even necessary (but very hot if done in moderation!).

4. Keeping your eyes closed the entire time.
What he really thinks: I understand that not every woman likes to look each other in the eyes non-stop, but keeping your eyes closed the entire time is kinda strange. It seems like 1) You do not want to see us 2) you are thinking of someone else.

5. Wear sexy lingerie each time you have sex.
What he really thinks: I do not think many men would be surprised when you’d wear your granny underpants because you forgot to do the laundry. You really don’t have to wear the sexy lingerie all the time. They are annoying to take off anyway.

6. pulling his hair during sex.
What he really thinks: we often have short hair and it feels really TERRIBLE. I do not speak for every man, because there are men who love this, but there are other ways to show your affection besides pulling out our hair.

7. Laying on bed while he does everything.
What he really thinks: It can be very hot if a woman takes the lead, but do not do it if it does not feel good. Sex should be about teamwork!

8. Looking perfect after a wild night.
What he really thinks: sex-hair (is that a word anyway?) Is hot! Women should not worry about how they look after a hot night, we men don’t pay attention to those kinds of stuff after sex.

9. Pretend like you don’t care that you didn’t reach your climax
What he really thinks: any decent man will ensure that you will also get your moment. If not, he is lazy! Important: There is a difference between not wanting and not being able to. Not everyone can easily reach their a climax, but the important thing is that he does his best.

10. Not saying anything when you don’t like it
What he really thinks: Open your mouth when you think something isn’t working! Help us by pushing us in the right direction so we can both enjoy it!