10 Struggles If You Stop Drinking Coffee

Caffeine can be an amazing pick me up, but did you know coffee withdrawal is a recognised disorder? If you are an avid coffee consumer then you are aware of how addictive caffeinated beverages can be. It’s true that beginning our mornings with a fresh cup of coffee from Starbucks is great, but what if we stop drinking coffee? Here are the ten most common caffeine withdrawal symptoms when you give up your coffee addiction

1. Waking up grumpy
When you wake up, you feel exhausted and also realise there’s no remedy for your feelings. So you’re grumpy all the time.

2. Trouble with waking up
Without starting your coffee you don’t feel ready to take on the day. Actually you feel complete shit and don’t want to go anywhere.

3. Its frustrating that everybody drinks coffee in front of you
The struggles are real when everybody drinks coffee in front of you, that’s just bad manners right? Don’t they understand how much struggle you’re going through?

4. Looking for an alternative for coffee
You attempt to kick from coffee and searched healthy alternatives but actually you fail. Because nothing can compare your favourite cup of coffee.

5. You can roll back in bed at four pm
Motivation to go working out or to do anything after work is a no-no. You just want to go to bed.

6. You realise you’re addicted to coffee for the past ten years
That moment when you realise that the withdrawal symptoms are too real.

7. You’re pretty annoyed every time
It’s like your entire soul has sucked out. Mostly you feel like poisoning everybody.

8. Anytime you hear “anyone wants coffee?” you panic.
Really? Help a brotha’ out!

9. You try other terrible habits
Cigarrettes, energy drinks, espresso chocolate bars?

10. The people sitting next to you are enjoying drinking coffee
RUDE, they don’t understand the struggle.