10 Struggles Every Girl With Glasses Recognises

It’s annoying enough to have bad eye sight and on top of that we also have to wear glasses. Here are the ten struggles every girl with glasses recognises.

1. Yes, the sun is shining! Now you have you to decide if you put your sunglasses on or just squeeze your eyes.

2. If it rains you constantly look through a field of raindrops.
Maybe someone needs to invent wiper blades for glasses?

3. People who ask “Can I try your glasses?” And say, “OMG you are practically blind!”
Yes I know. Thank You.

4.They keep asking why you don’t wear contact lenses.
Uhm, not everyone can wear contact lenses?

5. When people say:”Wow, you look so smart with your glasses on! “
Okay, I don’t look smart without glasses?

6. Each time you lie on your side, your glasses press against your face.
Not. Comfortable.

7. Creating a beautiful eye look is practically impossible, because you’re not wearing glasses and can’t see.
I stabbed myself three times with my mascara, but no big deal.

8. Working out with your glasses on is annoying because you have to deal with your glasses sliding down.
Glasses. Stay!

9. Your hair gets stuck in your glasses and it’s incredibly painful.

10. When you want to remove a little dust of your glasses with your fingers, it always ends up dirtier.