10 Struggles Every Girl With A Flat Butt Recognises

Squats don’t work okay? Here are the ten struggles every girl with flat butt recognises.

1. Yoga Pants.
The whole idea of ​​a yoga pant that they stick to your butt as a second skin. Which means your small butt will be even more obvious..

2. Pants which slide down nonstop.
You’ve tried everything: belts, hemming, jumping up and down. But they still slide down. Sigh..

3. Squats really makes zero difference.
You’ve really done countless of squats in the hope that something will happen, but the ass of Kim Kardashian is still unreachable.

4. You’re office chair hurts.
You’re not thinking about how tired you are when you leave your job, but by the time that you may stand again your butt is flatter than a coin.

5. You can not Twer.
How does Miley do that?

6. The timeless “Baby Got Back” Song still gives you bad memories.
You know this song by heart – but not because it is so brilliant, but because you can not relate to this song at all..

7. You have to  buy bikini tops and pants separately.
Bikini shopping is so much fun, until you realise that you have to grab the mix & match box and you end up with a bright green top and purple pants with yellow dots.

8. Cycling hurts.
That built-in cushion is fine, but it does not help if you don’t have an additional (natural) cushion.

9. You can’t sit on someone’s lap.
Because then people start to complain that your bones are sticking in their legs. OMG.

10. If people with beautiful round butts complain about their body.
Oh just shut up..