10 Signs Your Lover Is Your Best Friend

Your Lover would definitely agree with this as well!

1. You would rather spend an evening with him on the couch than you spend an evening with your friends.
Spending time with him doing nothing is just more fun than anything.

2. He tells you EVERYTHING.
He tells you jokes and all the gossip things from his friends.

3. You are both super enthusiastic about the same hobbies.
Game of Thrones is a holy hour for the both of you and it is strictly prohibited to talk during the show.

4. You also order for him.
You get a takeaway while on the go and you don’t even have to ask him what he wants to eat.

5. You don’t have to spend together every second of the day, but you wouldn’t mind.
If he’s isn’t nearby you often catch yourself thinking: Would he also have found this hilarious?

6. You both have a lot of inside jokes.
Sometimes other people have no idea what you are laughing about, but you and you’re lover can’t stop laughing.

7. You only need to look each other in the eyes and you know what the other is thinking.
Those times when you need to let each other know that it’s time to leave a boring party.

8. Your dates are always adventures.
You wake up on Saturday and spontaneously decide to take a road trip. Or meet new friends in pubs where you have never have been.

9. You always ask each other for advice.
He knows everything about every personal crisis you have had in your life. You are A Dream team.

10. You also had tough times.
Of course, every relationship has its highlights, but you have also had real relationship crisises. But, because of these ups and downs, you know he will always fight for you.