10 signs that you’re good kisser

We love kissing! But how do you know if you’re good kisser? Here are ten signs that you’re good kisser.

1. Your kisses are not planned …
Spontaneous kisses are so much better? And you feel it when the timing is right.

2. You never have a bad breath
You always have chewing gum with you and brush your teeth twice a day.

3. You don’t use too much tongue
Stabbing someone’s throat with your tongue is scary.

4. You’re sweet and let him feel comfortable
the comfortable, relaxing, cute kisses are the best.

5. You bite sometimes
But not too much!

6. And suck …
Sucking on his lips is allowed don’t worry.

7. You close your eyes
And enjoy the moment.

8. Using your hands
Holding his hands or his face to give him kisses.

9. You don’t rush
You are relaxed and don’t kiss too fast.

10. Your kisses are special
As always …