10 Signs That He Is Cheating

Afraid that he’s cheating? Here are the tens signs that he is cheating and you should watch out.

1. He nervously looks at his phone and does not want you to see it.

2. He always takes his phone with him. Even when he’s going to the toilet or the shower.

3. He told you at the beginning of your relationship that he wasn’t ready for a real relationship.

4. He often does not pick up his phone and his phone is often suspiciously empty.

5. Nine out of ten times you don’t know where he is hanging out.

6. He doesn’t respond to your messages for hours while he is online.

7. You’re swiping on tinder with your girlfriend and suddenly see him on tinder.

8. He has a folder with secret pictures on his phone.

9. If you suddenly have his phone in your hands, he panicks.

10. He suddenly goes to the gym to look good.