10 Signs He’s In Love With You

You and your crush have been talking and flirting with each other for a while. But when will he officially become your boyfriend, are you still having doubts if he loves you? Here are the ten signs he’s in love with you.

1. He likes all your photos on Facebook.
He’s not afraid to let you and others know that you are beautiful.

2. He texts or calls you continuously.
He apparently wants to talk to you everyday and there must be a reason for this.

3. He listens.
He is interested in you and remembers absolutely everything that you say.

4. Cuddling.
He doesn’t only wants to have sex with you, but also just likes to cuddle and talk, as long as he is with you!

5. Efforts.
He makes time for you, because he wants to be with you.

6. He’s open.
He’s not afraid to talk about his about his feelings. This is a sign that he trusts you … and he’s in love!

7. Body Language.
If you talk to him, he continuously looks at you. Yeah, he’s into you!

8. Shopping?
Things he actually doesn’t like to do, he does it anyway. And why? Because he does it for you.

9. Respect
He respects your choices and opinions.

10. He is jealous.
If you talk or laugh with another boy. He will be jealous because he really likes you!