10 Reasons Why you Don’t Need A Boyfriend

Forever alone? Come on girl! Being single is not that bad at all. Being single is actually quite fun. Here are the ten reasons why you don’t need a boyfriend.

1. No more shame!
Do you have dry skin? Then you just apply a thick layer of moisturiser or night cream. Do you have a pimple that will not go away? We also have something for that! As a single lady, you don’t need to worry about a boy who suddenly comes by night to see you.

2. Imaginary Boyfriend
Let’s be honest: we all have an imaginary boyfriend. Who needs a boyfriend when cuties like Channing Tatum, Louis Tomlinson and Ansel Elgort appears in our dreams?

3. No-parents-in-law
Do your parents like me? What should I wear? Those thoughts go through your head when you’re going to meet his parents. As a single lady, you don’t have to worry about it.

4. Series Marathon!
You can watch your favorite TV series or romantic movies all day. There is no one holding you back.

5. Do whatever you want
Do you want to date with your girlfriends? Do you want to go to that party? You don’t have to feel guilty about it. You can do everything you want because there is no boyfriend you need to worry about.

6. Granny pants
You can wear your comfy granny panties every day! Lets be honest, those cute underwear are not that comfortable at all. Agree?

7. Share? No way!
Sharing is caring? I don’t think so. Have you purchased delicious chocolates? Lucky you, you can munch them on your own without sharing a piece with your boyfriend.

8. Money to shop
Birthdays, phone bills, dates … a boyfriend takes a lot of money! The money that we don’t spend on a boyfriend, we can spend it on that one nice shirt and accessories.

9. Don’t need to shave
You’re always wearing long pants, so you don’t really need to shave your legs everyday. Nobody is going to see your hairy legs anyway, so you don’t have to worry about it!

10. Single Ladies rule!
The reason why you don’t need a boy is because you can act on your own. It also saves you a lot of time and you can do whatever you feel to.