10 Reasons Why It’s Not Bad To Be A Shopaholic

You absolute need to buy that cool sweater in the store. And you need to go shopping every week. That means you are definitely a shopaholic. Here are the ten reasons why it’s not that bad to be a shopaholic.

1. Confident
A beautiful outfit can immediately make you feel a lot more confident. So you want to tell your crush that you like him? A cool outfit will give you that extra confident boost.

2. Workout
You will lose a lot calories if you go shopping. By shopping you forget the time and before you know it’s already a few hours later. You also walk several miles and carry many shopping bags. What a workout!

3. Body language
You’ve tried a lot of outfits in your life and you don’t need clothing advice anymore. You know your body shape and you know exactly what suits you.

4. Trendy
You’re the next it-girl of the world! You know about all the trends of this season.

5. Best gifts
You know all the little shops. If you need to buy a birthday gift, you know exactly where you should be and you get the coolest gift.

6. Shopping makes you happy
Like chocolate makes you happy, shopping, too. That’s because your brain releases endorphins also known as happiness.

7. Consultant
If friends don’t know what to buy, you are their savior! You know what the latest trends are.

8. But Mom, I help the economy grow!
Looking for a good reason to justify your new pants to your parents? You help the economy! The more stuff people buy, the better it will go with the economy.

9. Rock the show!
Wherever you go, you have an outfit in your closet for every occasion. Sporty, trendy, classy you name it.

10. Fun
Shopping is a fun activity to do with your girlfriends, mother or sister.