10 Dirty things that every girl does

Admit it, you also do those dirty things. Here are the 10 dirty things that every girl does.

1. Picking your nose when you think no one is watching
Admit it, it feels good.

2. Scratch off the Nail polish
There is a thing called something nail polish remover. Haha

3. Smelling your armpit to check if you stink.
Sniff, sniff. I still smell kind of fresh?

4. Or worse, smelling your sock to check if you don’t have sweaty feet.
Well, fresh is different.

5. Not washing your dishes for days.
And only wash if you get visitors.

6. Because if you get visitors, you are suddenly a master at cleaning up

7. Squeezing Pimples.
Even in public areas, such as the toilet at work. If you spot a pimple and there’s a mirror nearby you MUST squeeze it.

8. Dirty smells.
Perfume is not a deodorant. And if you’ fart and suddenly spray with perfume everyone knows immediately what you’ve done.

9. You pick split ends from your hair…
And drop them on the ground.

10. Eating food that has been dropped on the ground.
Never heard of the 5 second rule?