10 Biggest No-No’s During A First Date

You are happy when he finally asks you on a date. But he doesn’t seem to be such a dream prince as you thought. Here are the ten biggest no-no’s during the first date.

1. He comes too late
You should never come too late on your first date. How hard is it to leave your home on time?

2. He’s continuously on his phone
Hello? If he’s that addicted to his phone, he should have stayed at home.

3. He only talks about himself
A date is meant to get to know each other … But apparently he has zero interest in you.

4. Hygiene
Oh my god, what is that smell? And does he even floss his teeth?

5. No personal opinion
“It does not matter, you name it” is the phrase that he says ten times … take a little initiative okay?

6. He is looking at other girls
You’re not good enough or something?

7. He is mean
If you say that you love One Direction, he gives you a dirty look.

8. He constantly talks about his ex
Okay, he’s obviously not over her yet. And you should not be his rebound girl!

9. He has bad manners
He talks with his mouth full and used his hands instead of his knife and fork.

10. He only wants sex
The only thing he is interested in is how many boys you’ve already kissed and how far you’ve gone with them … And if he asks where you’re sleeping tonight. No boyfriend material!